Dunlop X-MS Timber Floor Adhesive

A one part, solvent and isocyanate free, moisture curing modified silane timber adhesive. This high strength adhesive has advanced Cross Linking Technology to provide the high internal bond strength and elasticity to allow for any movement naturally occurring in timber floors but resists timber cupping.

  • All Engineered Timber and solid strip timber (max 80mm width x 600mm long)
  • Easy clean up of adhesive residue
  • Sand after 24 hours
  • Solvent free
Use On

Level concrete, pre-sanded sheet timber, existing pre-sanded timber floors, DUNLOP ARDIT FLOOR LEVELLER, DUNLOP ARDIT RAPIDSET REPAIR MORTAR or DUNLOP ARDIT FEATHER FINISH. Also suitable for radiant and hydronic heated concrete.





Colour & Sizes
Item Code
Light Caramel 1kg and 18kg 30561

1kg will cover approximately 1.4m2 with a 4mm “V” notch trowel or 0.9m2 with a 6mm “V” notch trowel.

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