Dunlop Pro Rapid Waterproofing

Dunlop Pro Rapid Waterproofing System consists of a water-based
polyurethane-acrylic hybrid waterproofing membrane and Pro Rapid Tape for undertile waterproofing, so tiling can begin in 4 hours. With crack isolation protection, it provides flexible coverage over plastic shrinkage, hairline and other non-structural cracks. The use of the DUNLOP PRO RAPID TAPE eliminates the need for a bond breaker prior to the application of the membrane. The DUNLOP PRO RAPID WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is rated a Class III Membrane, as per AS/NZS 4858 Wet Area for residential and commercial waterproofing.

Use On

Internal Fibre-cement wall sheet, compressed fibre-cement sheet, wet area grade plasterboard, concrete (cured for min. 28 days), internal structural plywood (PAA branded) including marine or wet area grade only (the shower area must be sheeted using ceramic tile underlay), renders and screeds (cured for min. 7 days) and internal AAC blocks and panels.


Coverage will vary with the porosity of the substrates. Two coats are recommended to get optimum performance.

  • WALLS & FLOORS : A final dry film thickness of 0.5mm is required.
  • A 20kg unit (15 Litres) will cover approximately 17.5m2.

Colour & Sizes

Item Code
Light Blue 5kg 40771
Light Blue 20kg 38592

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