Dunlop Pro Rapid Tape

DUNLOP PRO RAPID TAPE is a self-adhesive sealing tape that provides a waterproofing seal between the surface joints of the floor and wall, under shower grates and outlets in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Use in conjunction with DUNLOP PRO RAPID WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE for a rapid total waterproofing system and tiling can commence in 4 hours. Using this tape in conjunction with the DUNLOP PRO RAPID WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE meets the standard for waterproofing according to the Australian Building standards.

Use On

Internal fibre-cement wall sheet, compressed fibre-cement sheets, wet area grade plasterboard, concrete (cured for min. 28 days), renders and screeds (cured for min. 7 days), plywood and internal AAC blocks and panels.




The DUNLOP PRO RAPID TAPE will cover up to 15m.

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