Dunlop PEF foam filler Rod

DUNLOP PEF foam filler (aka backing) rod is a flexible polyethylene foam cylinder that is pushed into gaps where there is a construction joint  ie wall/floor joins.  The join is then filled to level with a DUNLOP Silicone Sealant as a two-sided (join edges) bond sealant and “breaker” for waterproofing membranes at joins to allow for expansion/contraction at these surface junctions, predominantly where a change in surface direction takes place.

DUNLOP PEF foam filler rod is excellent for:

  • providing an un-bonded third surface for DUNLOP Neutral Cure Silicone at joins, prior to the application of wet area flooring in places like: bathrooms, kitchens, laundries
  • cost-effectively filling joins to prevent over-filling with DUNLOP Neutral Cure Silicone

In construction joins such as wall/floor joins; especially prior to the application of DUNLOP Neutral Cure Silicone in preperation for wet area flooring



Item Code
10mm 10Mtr 38928
Joint Width

Max width 10mm


many construction join applications including:

movement joints (between tiles); corners (tiled wall and floor);
connecting joints between tiled surface and bench tops, bath edges,
cupboards and splashbacks.

suitable for use under waterproofing as a bond-breaker in movement joins

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