Dunlop Butynol Sealant

DUNLOP BUTYNOL SEALANT is a one component, silane modified polymer adhesive and neutral curing sealant which hardens in reaction with moisture. DUNLOP BUTYNOL SEALANT is extremely flexible, with a high initial tack and good bond strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal as a general shower, kitchen and bathroom repair adhesive and sealant for replacing tiles, fitting accessories such as soap holders and finishing off joints. Its shrinkage free drying and ability to be used internally and externally on walls and floors adds to the versatility of DUNLOP BUTYNOL SEALANT.

It can be used in underwater applications, either applied to the immersed substrate or to the item to be fixed, making it ideal when minor repairs and alterations need to be carried out.  For larger areas and/or chemical resistance applications tests should be carried out prior to use.


DUNLOP BUTYNOL SEALANT is ideal for bonding most construction materials including glass, tiles, ceramics, wood, plastic and metal. It can also be used for repairing areas of loose tiles, carpet or vinyl; for fixing decorative, acoustic and thermal insulation panels as well as decorative beams and sections; also for fixing skirting boards, cable ducts, mirrors, bathroom and shower accessories, and door handles.

DUNLOP BUTYNOL SEALANT can be used for elastic joints between wood, plastic, metal and ceramic materials or for sealing expansion and connection joints.  Dunlop recommends a trial application to optimise the conditions for particular applications.


Include concrete, wall panels, timber, waterproofing membranes, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, aluminium, plastics, metal, glass, fibreglass and polystyrene foam.

310mL 12660


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