Dunlop Butynol Adhesive

DUNLOP BUTYNOL ADHESIVE is a water-based adhesive for bonding Dunlop Butynol to plywood, metal, masonry and concrete surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.   Always refer to the local council waterproofing requirements of specific projects.

Use with

DUNLOP Butynol membrane

Suitable Surfaces

Dunlop Butynol Adhesive can be applied to timber, metal and masonry surfaces.   For any other surfaces, please contact Dunlop Toll Free Hotline.

250mL 12648
500mL 12649
1 L 12650
4 L 12651

Depending on application technique and surface porosity and evenness, coverage will be approximately 2.5-3m2 per litre when the adhesive is applied by roller to both the Butynol sheet and the surface that the Butynol is being applied to. If the Butynol Adhesive is applied by spray and back-rolled, the coverage rate may be slightly higher than when rolled only.

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