Dunlop AAC Concrete Block Adhesive

A high performance cement based block adhesive for AAC Concrete Blocks.

  • A cement based AAC Concrete Block Adhesive
  • Off-white
  • Easy to mix and apply
Use On

AAC Concrete panels and blocks


Indoor and outdoor

Colour & Sizes
Item Code
Off-White 20kg 13374

As a guide, 20kg will fix 25m2 of 75mm concrete block panel (150x40cm) or the following coverage of concrete blocks (60x20cm):

  • 9m2 at 100mm thick AAC block
  • 4m2 at 200mm thick AAC block
  • Refer to the manufacturers instructions for constructing blocks and panels.
  • Use the Dunlop Gauging Trowel for a professional finish

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