How to Tile

Download the full detailed instructions as a PDF document.

Before you start

Before you start your tiling project, surfaces need to be primed, floors may need to be levelled or repaired and wet areas will need a waterproofing membrane. In general, ensure the surfaces are flat and firmly fixed. Clean off dust, oil, grease and all loose contaminating materials. Ensure surfaces are dry before tiling with no residue or permanent damp. Prime porous surfaces with Dunlop Primer and Additive.


Before beginning any tiling project, read the packaging carefully to ensure the surface has been prepared properly and the correct procedure is followed. It is easy to choose the right adhesive for your job and for the tiles you have chosen, use the Dunlop Tile Adhesive Selector.

How to Tile Step 1 256x135

Step 1:

If the adhesive is not premixed, mix the adhesive according to instructions on the packaging by adding powder to water.

How to Tile step 2

Step 2:

Apply the adhesive to the surface using a suitable notched trowel. As a general guide, use a 6mm notch trowel on walls and a 10mm notch trowel on floors. On walls, apply the adhesive with the notches running horizontally across the wall.

How to Tile step 3

Step 3:

Press and slide the tile into position ensuring the back of the tile is in good contact with the adhesive.

How to Tile step 4

Step 4:

Remove any surplus adhesive from the face of the tile before it sets.

Handy Hints

  • Measure the tiles that need cutting. Use a combination tile cutter or platform tile cutter to cut the tiles. To cut half circles or tricky shapes, use tile nippers to break off small pieces at a time.
  • To complete your tiling project, use Dunlop Coloured Grout in a complementary colour to your tiles as well as the matching Dunlop Coloured Silicone.
  • Use Dunlop Ready to Go Grout which is already premixed.
  • To make joints easier to maintain and clean, seal the grout joints with Dunlop Grout Sealer.
  • To keep your tiles and grout clean, use Dunlop Tile & Grout Cleaner regularly.