How To Floor Level (Floor Levelling Made Easy)

Download the full detailed instructions as a PDF document.

Before you start

Before you tile your floor you have to ensure that the floor is level. Dunlop Multipurpose Floor Leveller is the perfect product to level your floors prior to laying carpet or ceramic tiles.

Application (Flowable Mix)

floor level step1

Step 1:

Ensure the surface is clean, dry and primed with Dunlop Multipurpose Primer. Allow primer to dry.

floor level step2

Step 2:

Mix the floor leveller with clean water according to instructions on the packaging.

floor level step3

Step 3:

Pour the floor leveller on to the prepared surface and spread into place with a steel smoothing trowel.

floor level step4

Step 4:

The leveller is ready to walk on in just 2 hours and ready to tile over in 4 hours.

Handy Hints

  • Ensure when mixing the correct water ratios are used.
  • Use the Dunlop Ardit Trowel for creating a smooth surface.