Dunlop Floor Repairer Rapid Patch

Light Green

A fast setting patching mortar for repairing cracks and holes in concrete. Excellent for creating ramps.

  • A fast setting patching mortar
  • Use to repair cracks and holes to 20mm
  • Can be used for ramps
  • Walk on in 45 minutes
  • Apply floor coverings in 2 hours



Indoor and outdoor


Concrete, renders (walls), fibre-cement sheet, masonry, plasterboard, screeds and timber.

Colour & Sizes

Colour Size Item Code
Dark Grey 5kg 20050


3m2 at 1mm thickness per 5kg or 
1m2 at 3mm thickness per 5kg

Application Thickness

Repair cracks and holes up to 20mm

Floor Coverings

Ready for floor coverings in 2 hours

Dunlop DIY Tips

For ramping this product can be applied to a feather finish or normal screed thickness.

Technical Data & References

Product Data SheetMSDS AustraliaMSDS New Zealand

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