Floor Levelling
Dunlop Ardit Feather Finish

Dunlop Ardit Feather Finish


A cement based smoothing compound designed to provide a smooth, permanent finish to a variety of internal substrates such as concrete, tiles, sheet timber (plywood & particleboard) and DUNLOP FLOOR LEVELLERS prior to the installation of floor coverings such as vinyl, carpet and ceramic tiles.

  • Skimcoat to 3mm
  • Fill in grooves to level grout joints
  • Apply floor coverings from 15 minutes
  • No primer required


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Colour & Sizes

Colour Size Item Code
Grey 3.5kg 24881
Grey 8kg 24969


When skim coating a 3.5kg bag will cover approximately 12m2 over concrete and 24.5m2 over sheet timber. Due to the unique formulation of DUNLOP ARDIT FEATHER FINISH and the varying thickness that this product is applied, both coverage and drying time is difficult to specify and is an estimate only.

Application Thickness

Skimcoat to 3mm


15-30 minutes

Floor Coverings

Approximately 12m2 over concrete and 24.5m2 cover sheet timber when skim coating a 3.5kg bag.

Dunlop DIY Tips

Fill in the grout joints and create a super smooth surface over tiles prior to the application of vinyl.

Technical Data & References

Product Data SheetMSDS AustraliaMSDS New Zealand

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